Circular design solutions for
real estate and construction.

First, awareness.
Then a tipping point.

Our economic model is based on linear industries whose production tool
was designed on the so-called "free" services provided by nature, and the overexploitation of raw materials.
0 %
of the world's waste comes from the construction sector
The number of planets we need in resources and to absorb our waste
0 %
CO2 emissions worldwide are attributed to the construction sector

Why Fern?

The principles of thecircular economy inoperational solutions for thereal estate and construction sectors.

Whether you are a property developer, a builder, a company or a local authority, we can support you in your circular transformation to comply with the regulations.

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More than just measuring carbon emissions,
the control and implementation of circularity is crucial.

Our jobs

Fern supports you in your circular transformation through three businesses:


Setting up a circular land strategy

Helping businesses turn social and environmental challenges into opportunities and opportunities and develop a new sustainable businessmodel .
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Project Management Assistance

Coordination of a circular work site

If you are a developer, investor, promoter, private or public owner, we can help you set up and monitor a circular construction site.
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Project management

How to run a circular work site?

Designing circular buildings through a methodology based on life cycle analysis to create green value.
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Our Projects

mansartis renovation circular furniture fern paris
The eco-designed renovation of the Mansartis offices in Paris, Place Vendôme...


mansartis furniture renovation circular fern paris
FD desk won the IF design Award 2021 in the product discipline...